Swimming Pool



Water play is an essential part of School curriculum as it helps in gross motor development, eye hand co-ordination and also helps in vocabulary development. Playing in water is like playing in a brand new playground where even the simplest activities, like clapping your hands or jumping, are a whole new sensory experience. Children can experiment without worrying about falling or crashing into hard surfaces. Water also adds resistance so water play activities work as strength training. It takes more muscle strength to move arms and legs through water then it does through air.

Water play allows children to explore and interact with each other. New experiences and discovering new things within shared spaces offer a great opportunity for social development. As children play, they will be excited to communicate their discoveries to everyone around them. This is a confidence booster for kids!

RPS International School ,Rewari has a colorful child friendly splash pool,which is well maintained and we take special care of the hygiene and safety of the kids.